• "I had numbness, tingling, loss of strength, and pain in both of my arms and hands. I am a truck driver, so this greatly affected my job. I also enjoy sports and playing pool, which I had lost interest in due to the numbness and pain. The pain was so bad that it was affecting my sleep also.
    Since beginning treatment here at West Valley Family Clinic, I have greatly improved. My strength has returned, and I am now able to sleep through the night. I am now able to enjoy sports with my kids, and I am back playing pool again. All of this has improved my mental outlook, which has allowed me to start to lose some weight. I have more energy, and I am much happier. To all of the people at West Valley Family Clinic, Thank You for giving me my life back!
    Thank You"
  • "I used to spend at least two days every month in bed because of severe headaches. Since I began treatment, I have not had to spend one day in bed, and no longer do I need to take any migraine medication. For the first time in years, I have slept through the night.
    Thank You"

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