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Chiropractic Adjustments:

Chiropractic Adjustments:

I use multiple adjusting techniques to meet the needs of my individual patients. Those techniques are soft touch, high velocity, and instrument type adjustments. With over 20 years of experience manipulating the human body, I have developed my own protocol for different situations. I am very adept at using the proper technique/protocol in each situation, to help the patient in a comfortable way. There really is a difference.

The chiropractic adjustment restores proper motion to the joints of the spine as well as any other joint of the body that the adjustment is applied to. Restoring proper motion does a number of things:

  • Reduces excessive wear and tear on a joint
  • Prevents premature degeneration
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces central nervous system stress (in the spine) thereby promoting proper function of the body’s organ systems.
  • Promotes proper balance and posture that produces a sense of ease.

Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Doctor Snow has pioneered this procedure amoung chiropractors here in Utah. Manipulation Under Anesthesia (M.U.A.) is a procedure done in an outpatient surgical center working with a team of Doctors (M.D.'s, D.O.'s, D.C's) and nurses to manipulate the patient's spine and larger joints in a way that allows for alterations of adhesions, thus improving range of motion, and reducing chronic pain. This is not a new procedure, it has been done since the 1930's on shoulders, hips and other extremities, but only within the last 20 years has it been practiced by the chiropractic profession on the joints of the spine.

This procedure is not for just anybody. A patient must have had prior conservative care, with little or no benefit. The patient must undergo a chiropractic examination, M.R.I., and a medical examination to rule out any contraindications and be cleared for anesthesia. Patients who generally benefit from this procedure are those with chronic neck or back pain, migraine headaches, restriction of movement, pain or numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, herniated discs, sciatica, and fibromyalgia to name a few.

Not just any chiropractor can perform this procedure. A chiroprcator must have completed an extensive training program in M.U.A. through an acredited college, and passed a national examination to be certified to perform this procedure. Currently there are only a hand full of certified chiropractors here in Utah, and Doctor Snow has been key in getting them certified and establishing this procedure here in Utah.


MassageBefore I was a chiropractor, I was a massage therapist. I use massage with almost every patient to relieve muscle tension prior to or immediately after an adjustment. For those who need more extensive massage therapy, I have a massage therapist on staff that can do 30 to 60 minute massages.

Massage helps to reduce muscle tension that is one of the body’s responses to a problem in a joint to help stabilize the joint. If left alone, this muscle tension will also lead to premature degeneration and chronic pain conditions.

Homeopathic Injections And Medicines

Homeopathics are used orally and by injection to promote healing naturally. Injections are done both in the muscle for trigger point relief, and just under the skin to reduce inflammation, pain, and to promote healing. Conditions that respond well to the homeopathic injections are:

Trigger points
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Back pain
Neck pain
Tennis elbow
Pain in the shoulders, hands, knees, and ankles
Even acute injuries such as sprains and strains
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Flexion Distraction

This is a therapy that we do on the lower back. This specialized table moves your legs up and down while you lay on your stomach and hold onto some handles. This creates a dynamic traction in your low back and allows for more fluid to fill the discs, and helps to lubricate other joints in the low back. This helps to relieve pain and restore free motion.

Inter-Segmental Traction

This is a table that you lay on face up and rollers go up and down your spine and push into your back. We can do the full spine, or isolate specific spinal segments. This helps to open up and loosen the spinal joints allowing for more free movement.

Pneumatic Traction

We can perform this on either the neck or low back. Once we strap you into the traction machine and isolate the part of the spine that we need to traction, we use air to pump up cylinders that expand and create the traction. This is great for bulging or herniated discs, as it creates a negative pressure in the disc and helps to reduce the pressure of the disc on the nerves. You are in control of the pressure at all times, and you can completely release the pressure at any time you feel the need to.

Dakota Traction

This is a specialized type of traction that is used to restore the normal forward curve of the neck. This is especially important for those who have suffered any type of whiplash injury. (In a car, during sports, or even riding an amusement park ride) A loss of the normal forward curve in the neck is linked to premature degeneration, and early death.

Wrist Trac

This is a specialized traction of the wrists that along with adjustments and homeopathic injections is highly effective in relieving carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ice And Heat Pacs

These are used to either reduce inflammation or to reduce muscle spasms.

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